Shaldon lies opposite Teignmouth at the mouth of the scenic Teign estuary. The two places are linked by road bridge, and also by the wonderful foot ferry, making a visit to both an easy prospect. Shaldon was initially the working port and ship-building area until that side of the estuary silted up and the docks were moved to Teignmouth.

Much of the property in Shaldon became built on reclaimed land and today many parts of Shaldon and Ringmore area conservation areas with listed buildings from the 17th and even the 15th century. Today this large village retains its fishing heritage and is a delightful place for both locals and tourists with a variety of shops and two good beach areas. Generally a very attractive place with numerous places to enjoy refreshment and lovely views across to Teignmouth.

Shaldon can be reached from Sandays by car (aprox 20 minutes) or bus (30 minutes).