Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle is well worth a visit. It has the beauty and feel of a fairy tale about it as you approach and wander around these interesting ruins. 

This is a double bill: within the ruins of the 15th century Pomeroy family castle looms the shell of its successor, the Elizabethan mansion of the Seymours. Abandoned by 1734 and tucked away in a deep wooded valley this is the perfect romantic ruin on a large scale, with a great deal still to admire. English Heritage manage the site extremely well allowing plenty of scope to roam among the very atmospheric ruins, and providing an audio tour, shop and tea room (limited opening).

The village of Berry Pomeroy lies close to Totnes, and both the castle and the church in Berry Pomeroy are well worth a visit. Berry Pomeroy church contains the Seymour tomb and is usually open for visitors. There are some stunning yew trees in the churchyard. 

Totnes is accessible by public transport, but for Berry Pomeroy it is best to go by car, allowing approximately 40/45 mins from Sandays.