Torquay : beautiful whatever the weather

Some rain and cooler weather is a bit of a shock for most people this year after the lovely spell we have had. Despite that Torquay was looking beautiful as ever today with loads of potential options for all ages.
We took the opportunity of exploring the museum and were greatly impressed. The Lego exhibition is proving very popular, not to mention the activity tables so the kids (and has to said, some of the adults too!) can get stuck in and build their models.
In addition to all the usual attractions there is a large funfair on the sea front at the moment; lots of colour, noise & action!
It is very easy to get to Torquay from Sandays, just 30 mins on the train.

Torquay Funfair

Torquay looking beautiful

Fireworks at the Warren

‘Tis the season for summer holidays here at the Warren and with the lovely warm weather so far it has been amazing. Everything is in full swing and this coming Saturday (August 11th) the Dawlish carnival kicks off too with lots of events all week. The big day for the Warren is THURSDAY 16TH when we have our firework evening. This is always a really enjoyable evening with families gathering on the green from early evening, lots of music and picnics, The Boathouse serving drinks as fast as they can(!) and finally a great firework display.
Don’t miss it!

Bridge House Centenary Garden Party

It was such a pleasure to go along to Bridge House in Dawlish last Saturday to enjoy their Centenary celebrations.
The gardens and grounds were looking beautiful as ever despite all the dry weather we have had, and the sound of the wonderful band drifted across the whole area. We enjoyed the stalls, marvelled at the gorgeous cakes produced by Bridge House, and took some very good eats home to Sandays with us.

“Lost Lives”. Lest we forget ..

Hard to imagine the horrors of the First World War on a sunny July afternoon in the beautiful Northernhay Gardens in Exeter.
The current SSAFA exhibition “Lost Lives” certainly brings home the scale of the tragedy of this war. The exhibit has one shrouded figure to represent each of the 1561 days of the war, and each by each figure is a small plaque showing the number lost on that day.

On this weekend 6th to 8th July hundreds of men were lost each year. For example in 1915, 802 men lost their lives between the 6th and 8th July, and in 1918 it was 1081 in the same period.

Each little shrouded figure was stitched by artist Rob Heard.

American Cars at the Warren

Another amazing and spectacular display of cars at the Warren this weekend. All thanks to Cofton Holiday park who hold a whole weekend and include in it a “cruise” to Dawlish and back via the Warren.

These cars vary from unusual to completely crazy but it is a very colourful and lively event and was lovely in the sunshine on Saturday with all the flags flying and chrome gleaming!

This weekend

In among enjoying the glorious sunshine which seems set to continue, here are some other things to look out for this weekend.

Cofton Holiday Park are hosting their American Car weekend, and the cars will be at Dawlish Warren on Saturday morning. Even for someone who isn’t particularly enthusiastic about cars, these are a wonderful sight!

The RNLI are running one of their regular coffee mornings in Teignmouth on Saturday morning.

The first of three “Summer Nights” festivals is being held in Newton Abbot on Saturday. Lots of street food and live music.

And then of course, there is the beach ….

Coryton Cove Cafe

The Coryton Cove Cafe is a much needed treasure for anyone enjoying the beach, but look out for lots of special evenings there over the next couple of months. We went along to sample the pizzas today: delicious! Beautiful summer evening here, so lots of people taking there pizzas down to the beach and enjoying them along with the last of the sunshine.
Coryton Cove is easily reached from Sandays.

Reflections on a Summer’s Evening

There is nothing better than watching late evening sunshine rippling across water, and there are many spots around here to choose from. Exeter quayside was beautiful yesterday evening and even though I only had my mobile with me, these images are pretty.

A very long train!

We are used to seeing trains of every description pass through Dawlish Warren station, but this was a particularly long one yesterday! Coming from the Exeter direction, it slowed to a halt to allow other trains to pass. I was on the opposite platform and seemed to be more or less in the middle of the train, with it stretching out along the track about as far as I could see in each direction.

Steam Trains along the Riviera Line

Steam trains are back on the Riviera Line again this year. It is a lovely sight & sound as they travel through Dawlish Warren and Dawlish and on down the line.
Sometimes we specifically watch out for them at Sandays, but this Sunday it just caught me by surprise as I walked along the sea wall.