Happy New Year

Let’s hope 2021 improves as we go along!

Sandays will open again as soon as Covid regulations allow.

We are happy to hear from you in between times and take non-binding  future bookings. 


Re-opening (we hope!) on Monday 1st February 2021

Sandays is closed now for our usual winter break. We plan to re-open on Monday 1st February if that is in line with the government regulations at that time for Devon.

Thank you to all our guests who managed a visit this year; we loved having you here. For all those who booked and then had to cancel: we missed you! Hope to see you all in 2021. All the details for 2021 can be found on this website and you can enquire via the standard form or by just sending us an email with potential dates. 




Christmas Trails

To help make up for the lack of parties and occasions to mingle, there are various family oriented trails this year. Look out for the Christmas Carol themed gardens and windows around Starcross, organised by St.Paul’s Church, and the sheep trail around Cofton & Cockwood organised by St.Mary’s Church. Enjoy!

Look out for information about services at both these churches. Carol services and other key services will need to be pre-booked this year.

Birds on a winter morning.

You don’t need to make too much of an effort to see the regular bird population around here, and these are a few this morning all around the Cockwood area. It was the Cattle Egret that made me reach for the camera, or rather the flock of 30 or so that drew my attention. 

Christmas Cheer

Although there are not the usual festivities this year, there is still plenty to enjoy safely. We took a trip to Torre Abbey this afternoon which is always a beautiful and interesting place to visit at any time of year. Having had a stroll around the garden and through the galleries, we went back out to enjoy the wonderful “Advent Windows” that were lit up as  dusk set in. All different, created by different groups, and a a big dose of Christmas cheer. As you look from the Abbey across the bay you will see lights of a different sort, as the numerous cruise liners start to glow!

Christmas is lighting up Powderham Castle

For even more festive spirit head to Powderham Castle. The shops are full of food & potential gifts and you can also book for an evening stroll to enjoy the sight of the castle lit up for Christmas. After which you can take cover in the barn, perhaps with a cup of mulled wine! Find all the details on their website.

Powderham Castle is a regular haunt of Sandays guests, being within 3 miles and with an array of different events through the year, quite apart from the standard castle visits and tours. 


The latest changes in Exmouth are nearing completion as the new watersports Sideshore centre on Queens Drive starts to open. Some parts of this development are already open, and Edge Watersports facilities will include stand up paddle boarding lessons, kitesurfing lessons, kayak and SUP hire, beach fit, beach yoga and sea swimming. It’s a nice looking building with renewable energy built in, and intended to be of interest to locals perhaps more than holiday visitors. However, exploring Exmouth from Sandays is always fun, whether by train, bicycle, ferry or car … or a combination of all! Be prepared for lots of walking if you are going from the quay to Orcombe Point. Or hop on one of the Stuart Line cruisers: lots of good winter/Christmas cruises planned.

This is a pic taken from the quay looking back towards the Warren as the sun went down.


Re-Opening from Wednesday 2nd December

Today the government have published details of the Tier system that will apply when lockdown ends on Wednesday 2nd December.

Sandays is in Tier 2, along with the whole of Devon.

This means that we are able to open to guests who live in Tier 1 or Tier 2 areas, which will be based on a postcode check.

All Covid precautions will be in place as before. You will also be asked to wear a mask when moving around within the B&B, entering & leaving. 

The Wave Walker

An enormous “Wave Walker” platform is the latest aid to rebuilding parts of the Dawlish sea wall. It dominates the view from just about every direction and is attracting quite a lot of attention. Sadly each move takes hours so the “walking” can only be appreciated with a time lapse camera!

Wave walker

Lockdown 2

Sad to say that in line with government guidelines Sandays is closed once again.

A big “thank you” to all our amazing guests who have enjoyed breaks here during July, August, September and October. It was wonderful having you here and it made our short season rather special. For those who couldn’t make it: we missed you!

We wish everyone all the best during this latest lockdown. 

We will re-open on 3rd December if we are allowed to do so, and are always happy to take provisional bookings without a deposit in the current climate. There will be a special 2 night/all 3 room special offer up to 20th December.

As always, we will be closed over Christmas and the New Year.

October Changes

We are definitely into Autumn now! Many of the summer flowers are still hanging on, but our lovely pink Nerine are in full flower and looking lovely. 

In other parts of the Sandays garden there is a red glow, particularly from the American Ivy front and back.

We have ponies from Yarner Wood on the Warren; great to see them and they are doing a wonderful job grazing through the vegetation.

Birds are coming back too in very large numbers to winter on the estuary, and you can watch the sunrise over the water without having to get up ridiculously early.

The fallow deer at Powderham have their antlers and will be busy over the next few weeks! 

There seems to be a particular abundance of berries everywhere this year, and trees are changing colour almost as you watch. Beautiful!