Coryton Cove Cafe

The Coryton Cove Cafe is a much needed treasure for anyone enjoying the beach, but look out for lots of special evenings there over the next couple of months. We went along to sample the pizzas today: delicious! Beautiful summer evening here, so lots of people taking there pizzas down to the beach and enjoying them along with the last of the sunshine.
Coryton Cove is easily reached from Sandays.

Reflections on a Summer’s Evening

There is nothing better than watching late evening sunshine rippling across water, and there are many spots around here to choose from. Exeter quayside was beautiful yesterday evening and even though I only had my mobile with me, these images are pretty.

A very long train!

We are used to seeing trains of every description pass through Dawlish Warren station, but this was a particularly long one yesterday! Coming from the Exeter direction, it slowed to a halt to allow other trains to pass. I was on the opposite platform and seemed to be more or less in the middle of the train, with it stretching out along the track about as far as I could see in each direction.

Steam Trains along the Riviera Line

Steam trains are back on the Riviera Line again this year. It is a lovely sight & sound as they travel through Dawlish Warren and Dawlish and on down the line.
Sometimes we specifically watch out for them at Sandays, but this Sunday it just caught me by surprise as I walked along the sea wall.

Successful Torbay Airshow at the weekend.

Torbay Airshow was once again a huge success over the weekend. Wonderful weather conditions, particularly on the Sunday, made for fantastic displays of skill from the aircraft, and happy times for the spectators. A calm, flat sea was great for children those on the beach as well as those spectators who had taken to boats.

This really is great event with a full afternoon of action on both Saturday & Sunday. Leave the car behind at Sandays and take the train.

Another Hot Bank Holiday Monday at Sandays

It has been a scorcher of a day today with lots of people out & about enjoying it all. Flat calm sea (still very cold though!).
There has been lots happening in Dawlish over the weekend thanks to the Arts Festival. We enjoyed seeing the vintage bikes ride past Sandays yesterday as part of Sunday’s events.
Today was the turn of the Panatical Steel Band who did a great job this afternoon on the bandstand, whilst people and birds tried to stay cool.

3 days left to visit Delamore Arts

There are just 3 days left in May to visit Delamore Arts at the lovely Delamore House at Ivybridge.

Less than an hour from Sandays and a delightful experience. A feast of works of art in a most wonderful setting, and you can spend as long as you like enjoying them. The volunteers do a great job in the cafe too!

The Best Car Ever!

There have been many good things about the Bank Holiday Weekend, not least the fabulous weather! But among everything else we had Lorraine and her fabulous car at Sandays; without a doubt the best car ever.

I don’t think we were the only ones who took some photos!