A new lake at the Warren

There is an enormous amount of water on the Warren at the moment. I took these pics standing by the Visitor Centre and the new lake (!) with the snow coming down this afternoon. There were Canada Geese acting as though it is always thus, and a couple of ducks swimming down one of the footpaths I usually take through the trees.

Wear wellies is our advice!

View from the Visitor Centre, Dawlish Warren

Snow falling on the new lake at Dawlish Warren

Cygnets galore

Our beautiful black swans in Dawlish have been busy and there are cygnets galore! On a bitterly cold day I wasn’t going to linger to try and capture the scene, but there are 5 cygnets in one brood and 4 in another, The adults were doing a good job of gathering the little balls of fluff under their bodies so their is only one visible in the pic below. We do hope they survive and will be back with our cameras from Sandays.

Cygnets in Dawlish

Calm before the Storm?

If the weather forecast is to be believed there will be snow showers again over the weekend on more easterlies. But today has been beautiful: calm & quiet, a lovely day for a stroll on the beach. Still lots of shellfish washing up along with all sorts of other natural debris.

Teignmouth Classical Music Festival 9th – 11th March 2018

Look out for the Teignmouth Classical Music Festival events this weekend. St.Michael’s Church, the Pavillions and the Oystercatcher Cafe are all playing host to events.
Further information available from communitychoir.co.uk
Some events are free and you can just turn up. This festival is a real treat especially over a Mothering Sunday weekend.
2 stops on the train from Sandays or brave the roadworks on the A379!

The aftermath of the Easterly winds

The snow and ice disappeared very quickly in our area but the aftermath of the Easterly winds will take longer.
A lot of sunshine and calm blue seas with hundreds of sea birds bobbing about tells one story, but one look at the beaches tells another! The dunes of the Warren have taken another battering and all along the beaches is debris of all sorts, very interesting if you like a bit of beachcombing. Initially there was the odd sight of a lot of shellfish washed up on the beaches: shells that would usually be found empty now complete with occupants. Lots of wood of all description including one enormous tree trunk along the Warren that it is difficult to imagine where it came from.
Of course it is the railway line that grabs the headlines but it is the sight of some of beach huts turned to matchsticks at Coryton Cove that is a sad sight. A week on the cove is closed and the sea wall adjacent to Marine Parade is under repair. The sand that swept under the railway bridges is being gradually removed. Keep your heads down!

Roadworks Alert

There are numerous roadworks in progress that could impact any iminent journey to Dawlish Warren or the wider Teignbridge area. The most apparent for visitors to Sandays are the closure of Cockwood Harbour for flood defence work, roadworks on the A379 between Marine Parade and Teignmouth, and the closure of the road that runs from the back of Starcross towards Haldon. 

Between them these areas have created a “perfect storm” of hold-ups and confusion. 

Possibly even worse at the moment is the situation in and around Newton Abbot.


Early spring flowers at Powderham

It was a bit of a miserable start to half term week as far as the weather went today, but the early spring flowers at Powderham are looking quite magical. A carpet of primroses and big clumps of snowdrops all around the entrance area and lambs in the field just beyond. Beautiful even on a murky day.

Starfish surprise!

Being an eternal optimist I braved a hail shower to put out some Spring baskets this morning, and while doing so found we had a starfish on the front decking! We do have a seaside theme on our decking but that doesn’t extend to starfish! I presume the unfortunate creature was helped into position by a gull and it was larger than any I have seen on the beach. Not entirely sure that it was dead so gave it the benefit of the doubt and put it back in the sea.