Sidmouth is blooming beautiful

Sidmouth is rather beautiful at any time of year but is particularly lovely in the Spring due to intensive bulb planting over the last 5 years.
The benefactor was Keith Owen, who frequently visited his mother in Sidmouth and had a great affection for the resort. On his death he left his whole estate of £1.5 million in cash and £800,000 in property to the town with the stipulation that the interest should be spent on keeping Sidmouth, Sidford and Sidbury beautiful. He also wanted some of the money spent on getting the whole community involved in planting a million flower bulbs in the town!

Planting started in 2013 and five years on there are plans for plenty more in the coming years. The result is lovely and the blooming beautiful town is now “on the map” for a Spring visit. This year the first “Daffodil Day” was held on Easter Saturday.