Covid-19 Related booking info

We thought it might be useful to let you know how we are handling bookings in this “new normal” scenario.

Due to the havoc wreaked by Covid-19 with our bookings diary and the on-going general uncertainty, we are currently not taking deposits on bookings for the remainder of 2020. We simply ask that if you make a booking with us then you do so in good faith, and remember to tell us if your plans have to change!

We encourage direct bank payments where possible, but cash (correct money please) or cheques are also accepted.

We would also like to stress that if you cancel a booking for any Covid -19 related reason at any point before or during your stay (2020 or 2021) then any outstanding monies would be returned to you.  So if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who is, or find that you are needed at home to help someone else, then of course we would expect you to cancel. We don’t want to take any risks with your health or ours, and we understand just how volatile the situation is. 

You will also find that we ask for all your details in advance, rather than covering most of it at check-in. 

We also ask you to plan to bring luggage that you can handle yourselves if possible, so minimising any contact we have with your personal items.