In to September …

The main summer holidays are over and we are in to September! Barring cancellations (stay well everybody!)  we will have a busy month at Sandays, with no availability left at all the way things stand at the moment. 

September is usually a lovely month with everything still open, days still reasonably long and lots of interesting free stuff like the Devon Open Studios, the heritage events, or catching part of the cycle tour. For those (like me) who like a dip in the sea, water temperatures are usually at their best in September.

Here are a few random local pics. The Warren is known for many things, but I haven’t caught sunflowers growing on the point before! And we have a lovely little clutch of cygnets down in Dawlish again, so cute.

Summer Update

We are enjoying the summer here at Sandays even though covid remains an ever-present threat! We are being super- cautious here and asking our lovely guests to be careful too. So not so much in the way of events and festivals this year and more about the Warren here on our doorstep, and making the most of other open spaces. Here are a few pics and we hope to see you soon.

Devon County show

The Devon County Show is on this weekend, 2nd, 3rd & 4th July, a change from its usual position in May. Lots going on for all the family in a Covid secure way. Also another opportunity to get vaccinated if you haven’t done that yet.

Expect slow traffic for miles around over these 3 days!

Toby’s Garden Festival

At the moment I am not populating the event page of the Sandays website because the never-ending uncertainty around covid regulations is making it difficult to be sure of anything actually going ahead! However there are some things happening this summer despite it all, and one such was Toby’s Garden Festival at Powderham this weekend. This event usually takes place at the beginning of May and of course it was organised a bit differently to meet all the current guidelines, but remained a great place to be. Seemed to be popular as ever and some people were much better organised than I was with a trolley to put their purchases in!
Well done to Toby and everyone involved in making it happen: not easy these days!

Sunshine & honeysuckle

What a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend with lots of warm sunshine for everyone to enjoy! Lots of people here to make the most of it. Low tide around Red Rock in the sunshine, what could be better?!

Noticed the first honeysuckle in the hedges over the last few days too.

We are open!

Delighted to say that Sandays has re-opened and we would love to hear from you.

We made many changes to our usual routines last year to help us keep covid free. These will remain in place in line with on-going government restrictions, aiming to help keep everyone safe.

We are not taking deposits this year so all bookings can be changed or cancelled with the minimum of fuss. 

Dawlish and much of Devon has been consistently well below national levels of covid infection and we are confident that you will have a safe and enjoyable time with us. 

Looking forward to May 17th

It is great to see everything gradually opening up again around here, even if we are not allowed to join in yet! The sunny dry weather has helped people to be outside and we seem to be heading in the right direction. Of course it always is always possible here to seek out the quiet places and enjoy the countryside and beaches, social distancing is not too difficult!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying the Spring as much as we are. There is a glorious abundance of Camellias and Magnolias at the moment which look amazing. Some of the daffodils are hanging on and the first bluebells are out, alongside vast numbers of primroses everywhere! It is all rather beautiful .

Seal on the beach posing for photos

We enjoyed walking the length of the Holcombe / Teignmouth sea wall today, continuing along onto the sand spit until stopped by the Teign making its busy way into the sea. There was a seal on the beach posing for photos, always a great sight. The back beach at Teignmouth is always a favourite and we look forward to seeing the whole place burst fully into life again soon when restrictions ease. We can’t wait!

Optical illusion

Cruise ships have become a familiar sight around our coast during the pandemic, up to 6 visible regularly from our local beach. Over this last week or so however we have had the even stranger phenomenon of ships floating in the air … an optical illusion of course!

Known as thermal inversion or a cold water mirage, it can happen when the difference between the air temperature and the sea temperature is large. There is abnormal refraction where light bends downwards towards the colder and more dense air near the sea, causing distant objects to look higher.

We saw this floating ship as we walked along a footpath above Teignmouth, heading back towards the golf club and Little Haldon. One of a number of beautiful blue Spring days with birdsong and blossom brightening up covid blight!

Carnage on the beach today!

There was complete carnage on the beach today as a result of the recent strong Easterlies and stormy seas. Numerous types of clams, starfish, crabs, worms, whelks, cockles, sea urchins, among other marine life torn from their moorings and dumped on the beach by the tide. 

Consequently plenty of birds around too!