Babbacombe looking stunning today

It is lovely seeing our area teeming with visitors again, and looking stunning in the sunshine. Oddicombe beach is a wonderful spot for swimming or other water sport fun, and now the cliff lift is running again you don’t even have to expend the energy getting up and down. 

As it was a clear day, the view from the Babbacombe Downs was amazing, and with most of the cafes open for business it was a happy scene there today. I drove from Sandays today (25/30 mins, plenty of parking) but it is also possible to catch the No.22 bus.

Torre Abbey re-opening to general public next week.

Torre Abbey in Torquay is the latest place to be re-opening to all next week and it is definitely worth a visit. They re-opened for Friends & Members to begin with so we have had a sneak preview or two, and it is lovely as ever. This place has a fascinating history and works well as a gallery / museum, but the gardens are a crowning glory.

Easy on the train from Sandays to Torquay station, which is very close to the Abbey. As opposed to Torre station which is actually a long way from Torre Abbey, so don’t be tempted to jump off early!

A one way system and the ubiquitous hand sanitisers keep everything legal! Check out their website for opening times, booking etc.

Who will you meet at Dawlish Warren?

Who will you meet at Dawlish Warren? Well you just never know! In the short distance between the station and Sandays, this character was causing quite a stir this afternoon. He will be featuring on lots of family photos by the end of the day!

Torquay Gardens

There are many gardens in Torquay, which are usually kept looking beautiful throughout the year. But I am making special mention of the ones which lie between the leisure centre and the beach because they look absolutely stunning at the moment. In fact a reason in itself to go there and enjoy.

Looking pretty at Sandays

It is looking pretty in front of Sandays at the moment. The lilac has gone completely mad this year and is sending off the most wonderful scent, Meanwhile it seems to be a good year for the Agapanthuses as well so we are enjoying numerous tall blue flowers. 

Looking pretty


Good to see our lovely guests again!

It is so great to be up and running again! 

Karen did say that as soon as we were given a green light to re-open they would be down to Devon and Sandays before we could say clotted cream tea! And indeed they were, our first post-lockdown guests and lovely to see them again. Thank you guys!

Karen, Richard & William

Covid-19 Related booking info

We thought it might be useful to let you know how we are handling bookings in this “new normal” scenario.

Due to the havoc wreaked by Covid-19 with our bookings diary and the on-going general uncertainty, we are currently not taking deposits on bookings for the remainder of 2020. We simply ask that if you make a booking with us then you do so in good faith, and remember to tell us if your plans have to change!

We encourage direct bank payments where possible, but cash (correct money please) or cheques are also accepted.

We would also like to stress that if you cancel a booking for any Covid -19 related reason at any point before or during your stay (2020 or 2021) then any outstanding monies would be returned to you.  So if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who is, or find that you are needed at home to help someone else, then of course we would expect you to cancel. We don’t want to take any risks with your health or ours, and we understand just how volatile the situation is. 

You will also find that we ask for all your details in advance, rather than covering most of it at check-in. 

We also ask you to plan to bring luggage that you can handle yourselves if possible, so minimising any contact we have with your personal items. 

Re-opening on 4th July: Hurrah!

We are very pleased to hear that we will be allowed to re-open on 4th July. We are so looking forward to being able to welcome guests here again. We will be ready with a few new guidelines to keep us all safe so that you can relax and enjoy your break by the sea. On a warm sunny day like today there really is nothing better!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Coronavirus : June update

We remain hopeful that B&Bs will be allowed to open again on 4th July and are following all the latest guidance and advice as it becomes available.

If you have stayed with us before you will remember that we have a spacious layout and a small number of guests, and that there are no staff involved. We have also always had a policy of allowing gaps between room bookings whenever possible.                        So with some supplies of hand sanitiser, extra cleaning and mindful guests we are sure that we can re-open safely.

In Dawlish Warren the takeaways, car parks and toilets have been open for weeks now and welcomed hundreds of visitors. The recent warm spell of weather made the beach a very popular place to be for anyone close enough to come for the day, and we look forward very much to seeing the area buzzing with longer term visitors once more.

Coronavirus: restrictions update

Having listened to the PM’s briefing on Sunday 10th May it is clear that the hospitality industry will not be able to start before 1st July at the earliest.

As a B&B we are part of that industry and therefore we have no personal choice in this matter. Consequently, Sandays will remain closed until at least the end of June 2020. 

It is very beautiful here at the moment and we do wish that we could share it with you. Spring flowers are everywhere in the hedgerows and growing out of every nook and cranny of walls. Our garden is also full of colour and the Echium towers are attracting dozens of bees.

The beaches and the walk to Dawlish has been very quiet since the start of lockdown, but from this Wednesday that will probably change a lot as people have more freedom to be outdoors and to drive to places they would like to be. We look forward to welcoming you to Sandays in the future.


Coronavirus : Update on March 23rd

Due to the latest raft of government restrictions we have decided it is impossible for Sandays to stay open as a B&B. We are expecting to remain closed until at least the end of May. However, we would be delighted as always to receive future bookings, and enquiries can be made in the usual ways.

As in all parts of the country, Devon is reeling from the impact the coronavirus is having on business, events and our day to day lives. We are sad that we are unable to host visitors at the moment and hope you will come back in the future.

Please look after yourselves.