Drive it Day at Dawlish Warren: 27th April 2014

Sunday April 27th 2014

For the first time Dawlish Warren is to be a venue for the annual Drive it Day organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. Drive it Day encourages club members and their supporters to use yesterday’s two, three, four and more wheeled vehicles for a day to celebrate the UK’s transport heritage at its finest. Throughout the country thousands of much loved “oldies” are taken out for a drive.
The event at Dawlish Warren will be organised Crashbox and Classic Car Club of Devon in their 50th anniversary year.

Sandays is the perfect place to be for Drive it Day 2014

The event promises to be one of the most eclectic mixes, with cars ranging from pre war up to the 60’s and 70’s, and will include old racers as well as popular family saloons and the ever popular Bentleys and Rolls Royces. Last year around 150 vehicles took part and numbers grow each year.

Enjoy the day

There will be an opportunity to walk around the showground area and view the cars in detail, whilst enjoying the usual pleasures of a visit to Dawlish Warren. It will be a thrill to have this event on our doorstep and we are very much looking forward to it at Sandays.
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