Museum of the Moon in Exeter Cathedral

A giant sculpture of the moon has gone on display at Exeter Cathedral. The Museum of the Moon has a 23ft (7m) diameter and uses detailed NASA imagery to replicate the lunar surface.  At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the artwork represents three miles (5km) of the actual moon’s surface.

Artist Luke Jerram’s touring artwork, ‘Museum of the Moon‘  landed on 3 February and is staying until 27 February. A £5 ticket bought on the door gives you entrance to the whole cathedral, or of course you could go to one of the daily services. 

Definitely worth a visit, there is an aura about this huge installation which is very impressive in what is already an awe inspiring place. The lighting, music and slight movement of the moon add to the surreal feel of this and the flower decorations on the pillars add to a lunar feel.