The Jolie Brise welcomed back to Teignmouth

The Jolie Brise sailed into Teignmouth for the first time in 90 years this afternoon, accompanied by a flotilla of boats.

The 56ft gaff-rigged pilot cutter was built in 1913 to make fast ocean passages and was the last boat to carry the royal mail under sail. A change of ownership in 1927 brought her to Teignmouth where an engine and an additional cabin were fitted at Morgan Giles’s yard. The Jolie Brise won the 600-mile Fastnet Race three times including the inaugural race in 1925.

After a fairly terrible morning of weather including hail showers, the sun decided to shine and it was a really beautiful scene in Teignmouth with flags flying along the sea front and lots of people enjoying the sight of this wonderful boat coming into the harbour where it is due to stay for 24 hours.