The Warren this week

Although we are into October it is still pretty warm around here and signs of Autumn are not abundant yet. At Sandays the main signs are that the American Ivy we have around our fence and decking at the front of the house is beginning to look more red than green, and the Nerines (Bowden Lillies) are shooting up at the back.

I took some photos while out on the Warren yesterday to provide a bit of a flavour of how it looks right now and you can see those here. It is always nice to see the ponies back in the Autumn and although they are clearly slacking on the job in this photo, they will make a huge difference over the next few months.

I was dog walking at the time so I didn’t have the opportunity or camera to capture these other wonderful things:

at least 6 different types of butterfly including a peacock and a clouded yellow                several large dragonflies                                                                                                    a cormorant feeding and then drying off around the main lake                                          probably a hundred or more gulls on the beach between groynes 9 and 10 (judging by the sound there were some oyster catchers among them)                                                numerous flocks of small birds dodging in and out of the bushes along that first section of the Warren up to groyne 9                                                                                               a kestral hovering and hunting